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Who I am

Alejandro Araujo Phillips, Venezuelan Web Developer and System Engineer. I’ve been playing on the Internet for 5 years and have participated in multiple projects of different natures. That’s what I like; accept challenges, work with fascinating people and learn new things. I will be always interested in trying new technologies, open source mainly.

My biggest quality is my passion for the work I do, coding.

What I do

Simple, design and develop ideas on the web. If you have a startup or new project in your mind, I’ll be happy to help you to achieve your goals.

Personal and corporate websites, E-commerces, custom developments and performance optimizations are my professional competencies. Do you not believe me? Check my portfolio 🙂

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with companies and personal brands located in United State, Canada, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia and more. See some Testimonials.

What I know

I love to provide agile, clean and usable products to my customers and users. For that reason, I evangelize about technologies like PHP and Ruby, working in dabatase, frontend and backend as a Full-Stack Developer.

Also, I have knowledge related to Marketing from a technical perspective. Custom reports and tracking using Google Analytics, Tag Manager deployments, advertising and remarketing with AdWords and Facebook and more!.

Do you want to know more? Go ahead.


      Check portfolio

      Lis Flores Real Estate

      Lis Flores

      It’s a personal website to promote Real Estate services providing tips, articles and resources to help sellers and buyers in Miami.

      Integrated with LMS, users can navigate lists of properties located in Miami. Also, some real-time market facts are available in this website to give opportunities signals to investors.

      A simple but a beautiful website designed according to the owner’s needs and style.

      Link: http://lisfloresrealmiami.com



      Gamalogics is a Venezuelan retailer company who sells technology and electronics products to all the country.

      Developed and designed on WordPress, it’s an E-Commerce integrated to Woocommerce and MercadoPago as a payment gateway. Light, very optimized to be loaded fast, SEO-friendly and easy to use for users and customers.

      Integration with Mailchimp and some extra tools for marketing and traffic generation.

      Link: http://gamalogics.com.ve



      Helping local craft businesses.

      CRAFTalytics offers solutions and services related with digital marketing; online listings, social and reputation management are their most important areas.

      To sell their products, this website use a memberships schema with different packages. Gold, silver and bronze; the duration depends on the price. All these features are automatically managed by the application, plus some payment gateways integration like PayPal and Stripe (Credit Card).

      A design with a creative style was very important to catch the visitors attention.

      Link: https://www.craftalytics.com

      CMCG USA

      CMCG USA

      Constructions industry solutions for a better quality of life.

      CMCG is a consulting company located in USA. Their expertises areas are cement, ready-mix, geology & mining and supplementary cementitious materials.

      They wanted to show details about their services on a corporate but pretty website. The design is very usable, helping the users to find all the relevant information and details in a short time to drop off them in the “Contact us” section for more.

      The contact form has a landing page style to improve the conversions.

      Link: http://cmcgusa.com

      Downtown Residences Punta

      Downtown Residences

      Downtown Residences is a very nice project at Downtown Punta Cana.

      More than 600 apartments, 20 buildings and a lot of amenities like pools, artificial beach, internal theater, sports areas, gym and more.

      This website show to the visitors all the benefits to invest on this project using a very clean and beautiful design, plus a lot of media resources like photos, videos, digital renders, etc.

      The maps, forms and design oriented to conversions are very important.

      Link: http://downtownresidencespuntacana.com

      APD HelpDesk

      APD HelpDesk

      The knowledge base to share articles and provide support to the APD Printing Team

      HelpDesk is a full-featured platform to do the internal comunication, documentation, support request to the IT Departament easier.

      This app has a smart search bar, articles system like a Wiki to post text, images, videos and documents (.doc, .pdf, .xls, etc), a calendar to post events and employee absences, a ticket system to request and provide support with chat, status log and more!.

      As an internal project, it’s protected with user, password and security measures to protect the company’s information.

      Private project



      Printing services company at Ontario, Canada.

      It’s a beautiful, clean and usefull website to offer printing products like business cards, flyers, postcards, calendars, door hangers, banners, presentation folders, booklets and more.

      Focused on a retail target, Prestoprint’s website has an online designer available for all their customers. The customers may choose a template and fill their information, design from blank or upload their own design. The artwork will be ready to print; vectorized, rasterized and with a high-quality resolution.

      For the online shop, Prestoprint uses an e-cart, PayPal and Beanstream as payment gateways and it’s integrated with Flagship via API to provide the best shipping rates. Flagship is a courier companies partner for UPS, Fedex and Purolator for shippings.

      Link: http://prestoprint.ca

      Ceramic League of Miami

      Ceramic League of Miami

      It’s a place for Ceramic artist to share their work and passion for clay. Several members have their work on display and offers classes, workspaces and camps.

      This website is an e-commerce to sell courses and classes. A members and sponsors’ list is a very cool feature of CLM. Also, It’s has a memberships system to provide special benefits as better prices, events passes, etc.

      All the members are able to post their work on a collage and check the coming events to collaborate.

      Link: http://ceramicleaguemiami.org

      Grupo Beracca

      Grupo Beracca

      Grupo Beracca is a company who provides procurement and supplies services for the oil industry in Venezuela. They work with the biggest and most important companies in the industry.

      This corporate website has a blogging system for news, a services and clients showcase, info about the company and a contact form to request more details and quotes. It’s a very good example of a clean and high quality design.

      Link: http://grupoberacca.com.ve/

      Desarrollos Cabrutica

      Desarrollos Cabrutica

      It’s an engineering and construction company focused on electrical projects, paving, restaurations and materials.

      Their website is corporate and informative with about, services, portfolio and contact sections. It has a modern and beautiful design.

      Link: http://desarrolloscabrutica.com.ve



      It’s a canadian design agency who offers graphic design, marketing, cost estimation, imposition services and more.

      The website has corporate information like services, a portfolio for each graphic designer and contact details. Their customers can contact to a sales representative via Live Chat.

      GraphicStaff is mobile friendly and integrated with PayPay to receive payments as packages or hour-by-hour.

      It has a simple administrator to manage the static content, pages, users and messages.

      Link: http://graphicstaff.ca



      They are specialist providing materials for oil industry projects.

      The website has corporate information like services and contact details.

      Dimasufca’s website is mobile friendly, It can be viewed on any device and have a simple administrator to manage the static content, pages, users and messages.

      Link: http://dimasufca.com



      Corporate website with company, services and project information.

      Cuferca’s website is mobile friendly, It can be viewed on any device and have a simple adminstrator to manage the static content, pages, users and contact information.

      The video background is a nice feature of cuferca.com.ve. Do you want to check it?

      Link: http://cuferca.com.ve

      Puerto Color

      Puerto Color

      Puerto Color is a venezuelan hardware store, specialized in construction’s materials and tools. They offer remodeling, illumitation and plumbing services.

      It’s an e-commerce but it has some differences. Puerto Color, like a wholesaler, provide access to create orders to their customers only. The customers must be previously registered by a sales executive.

      Also, the sales executive can generate custom quotes automatically using this system.

      Link: http://puertocolor.com



      Classifieds of Diario El Tiempo (Venezuelan Newspaper) on the web. People can see and post listings about vehicles, estates and miscellaneous.

      Mercaito has an intutive publishing system with multiple packages and plans to choice from. The customers just have to enter details/photos and pay with their credit card. Also, it’s possible to publish a printed ad on El Tiempo from Mercaito. The process is automatic, only require a sales executive’s approval to be published on the web and newspaper.

      In addition, the users are able to navigate posts without registration, find what they are looking for using filters and contact to the sellers.

      Some Mercaito’s cool features are social login (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), credit card payment gateway integration, Google Maps integration, comments system, favorites and wishlist.

      Link: https://mercaito.com

      Tambo Works

      Tambo Works

      South Miami’s Coworking Space.

      Bookings, events and news are some of the main features of this site that help coworkers to manage their time and spaces to be more productive.

      Members are allowed to manage their own memberships and payment methods, book meeting and conference rooms, pay for additional products like parking spaces, chat with other coworkers throught community board and more.

      Link: http://tambo.works

      Tees Indoor Golf

      Tees Indoor Golf

      It’s fully licensed SQFT facility featuring 6 state of the art AboutGolf simulators. AboutGolf is the #1 simulator in the world and the only simulator company endorsed by the PGA.

      Basically, teesindoorgolf.com is an ecommerce where the customers are able to buy differents products related to golf like lessons, memberships, packages, league access and gift cards. The interface is very clean, focused to be user-friendly.

      The website is integrates with Beanstream as payment gateway and have a complete administrator to manager customers, orders and products.

      Link: http://teesindoorgolf.com


      Clean code projects, multiple features and the most important, makes their users happy. Please, check below for more details and description.
      Important, to protect the privacy of companies and personal brands, I published projects and websites available for everyone on Internet only.



      "Alejandro is a responsible and very capable web developer. CMCG is very pleased with the work accomplished and definitely will continue with future work. Recommended to the whole community for his excellent projects.
      Francisco Grisanti,
      CMCG INC

      Natalie Flores

      "Alejandro is a very committed and knowledgeable in their field professional. Quickly teams up with customers and partners, has been a great partner in our projects.
      Natalie Flores,

      Axel Sifontes

      "Thanks to Alejandro Araujo for your services. We always feel supported and safe in each step to develop multiple projects with him. Nothing better than working with professionals!
      Axel Sifontes,
      Grupo Beracca, C.A.

      Luis Perez

      "I had the opportunity of working with Alejandro and I know his dedication and values always trying to get the best results with the timeframe and tools provided. He will go the extra mile to make sure the project gets done in time and on budget.
      Luis Perez,
      APD Printing INC

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